How to sell

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Advertise it

Advertise your furniture for free — it just takes a couple of minutes. We enhance your posting by improving the visuals & providing the details that you may not know off hand – all within 24 hours! Only if it sells, we deduct a 15% transaction fee based on the sales price. If it doesn't sell, you don't pay a thing.

Confirm purchase

When an interested buyer submits a request to purchase your item(s), you'll have 24 hours to confirm the availability of your item. Without confirmation of the sale, the request will be automatically cancelled.

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Schedule delivery

Choose pickup dates that work for you. Our delivery team will pick up your item(s) and deliver them to the buyer. Our scheduling system ensures that sales are confirmed thus eliminating last minute cancellations & possible no-shows.

Want to clear space? We'll happily store your items securely for £10 per week until it's sold and handle all the selling on our end.


Payment is processed after your item has been delivered & deposits to your account within 2-5 business days (depending on your banking institution). It's totally simple, safe and secure! That's it!

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